26 Apr 2022

Top Agriculture Pipes: Choosing The Best For Your Farming Needs

Agricultural pipes are specifically designed and used for agriculture needs and purposes. They are usually made from materials such as PVC and they are used for a variety of applications in the agricultural sector.

PVC can be modified to meet the unique requirements for pipes used with submersible pumps. Astral Borewell pipes are manufactured using lead-free and heavy-metal-free compounds for agricultural purposes.

When it comes to agricultural activities, choosing the right type of pipe is crucial for effective use of water. PVC pipes have become a popular choice for many farmers because of their durability, versatility, and affordability. We, at Astral Pipes, offer different types of pipes for agriculture needs.

The Top Agriculture Pipes by Astral


Astral Aquasafe



Astral Aquasafe system offers a wide range of uPVC pressure pipes and fittings. It is a pressure piping system suitable for applications like water supply irrigation and more. These are manufactured as per IS 4985 and company standards.

Made from uPVC raw material, this range of products is highly durable and corrosion-free. The wide range of Aquasafe piping solutions includes pipe sizes from 20 mm OD to 400 mm OD. The pressure ratings range from Class 1 (2.5 kgf/cm²): 9.0 cm to Class 6 (16 kgf/cm²): 2.0 cm to 5.0 cm, and we also offer 20mm to 50 mm plumbing pipes too.

To make pipe fittings easier, the Astral’s Aquasafe features ringfit design i.e. it has a socketed end for solvent weld with a rubber ring inside it. The Astral Aquasafe elastomeric sealing pipes conforming to IS:4985 are available in sizes starting from 63 mm, pressure (4/6/10 kgf/cm²) to up to400 mm, pressure (4/6 kgf/cm²)

The dimensions of sockets for solvent cement jointing are as follows: nominal size for sockets include 20mm to 400mm and socket length 16.0mm to 206.0.mm. Also, the minimum depth of engagement for elastomeric ring sockets in nominal size ranges from 63 mm to 400 mm and the minimum depth of engagement ranges from 64mm to 130mm

Borewell Pipes

Astral Bore-Well Column Pipes

Submersible pumps are used to extract underground stream water through bore-well Column pipelines. Our bore-well pipes are lead- and heavy metal-free, and they meet and exceed the field requirements of products available for similar applications. These pipes go through rigorous testing in challenging field circumstances.

These pipes have a rubber ring at the coupler, pipe junction and double SS stud pin lock system. The locking is 100% assured and absorbs any impacts that the pipe may experience during handling and first starting and stopping of pumps and motors when they are installed. Made with a special square thread technique, it provides additional strength against tensile load.

Casewel Pipes

Astral Case-Well Pipes

Astral’s casing pipes offer excellent protection to Astral Bore-Well Pipes under the harshest of water conditions. It offers additional safety to borewell pipes and these types of pipes are available in screen or slotted types, which are used for casing under-ground percolation to allow water to enter inside the well.
For shallow well, we have casing pipes with size 4.5” to 10” for depth up to 80 metres
For medium well, we have casing pipes with size 1.5” to 10” for depth up to 250 metres
For deep well, we have casing pipes with size 8” to 10” for depth up to 450 metres


Astral Droplet Irrigation Pipe

This product is manufactured as per IS:13488 and as per company standards. It is specially designed for drip irrigation pipe systems and it is available in di­fferent sizes and types for various requirements. Droplet, by Astral Pipes, offers accurate flow rates and has good resistance to chemicals or fertilisers commonly used during irrigation.

It is a suitable type of pipe for water temperatures up to 45°C-50°C. Also, this pipe is widely used in irrigation for vegetables, cotton, fruits, sugarcane, etc. and it does not support the growth of algae or bacteria. These emitting pipes and their fittings are UV stabilised and this a good choice for outdoor applications.

Make sure you consider the different types of pipes available and their benefits to make the best choice for your agriculture needs. To know more, read our blog on which is best for irrigation: PVC pipes or uPVC pipes?

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