Aquasafe - uPVC pipe for Agriculture & Water Supply

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uPVC pipe for Agriculture & Water Transport System

Astral Aquasafe Piping system is a pressure piping system ideal for use in variety of applications like agriculture, irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools and firefighting mains etc.

Standards & Specifications

  • Pressure Pipes manufactured as per IS 4985
  • Astral Aquasafe fittings are manufactured as per IS 7834 and as well as company’s standards.

Available Sizes


  • Class 1 (2.5 kgf/cm²): 9.0cm to 31.5cm
  • Class 2 (4 kgf/cm²): 6.3cm to 40.0cm
  • Class 3 (6 kgf/cm²): 4.0cm to 31.5cm
  • Class 5 (10 kgf/cm²): 2.0cm to 31.5cm
  • 16 kgf/cm²: 2.0cm to 5.0cm


  • Class 2 (4 kgf/cm²) : 6.3cm to 20.0cm
  • Class 3 (6 kgf/cm²) : 4.0cm to 20.0cm
  • Class 5 (10 kgf/cm²) : 2.0cm to 3.2cm as per IS 7834

Product Details

  • Pipes
  • Fittings
  • Adhesives

Features & Benefits

  • Easy handling, transportation and installation
  • Chemical resistance,
  • Non conductive
  • Better flow and leak-proof joining
  • High strength and durability, UV stabilized
  • UV stabilized
Fields of Application

Wide range of applications in potable water transportation for agriculture farms, tube-wells and bore-wells. They are also applied as drain pipes in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They have a life cycle of up to 50 years which saves on replacement cost.

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