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Introduction - Why Astral Case-Well Pipes?

Astral Case-Well uPVC casing pipes are used as casing for bore-well which provides excellent protection even under the harshest of water conditions and hence provides extra safety to the Bore-Well. Astral Case-Well pipes are available in screen or slotted types and are used for casing in ground-water percolation to allow water to enter inside the well. These pipes can also be used to recharge the ground-water level through the rain-water harvesting pit.

Astral Case-Well pipes come with horizontal slots to get maximum water yield. Special male-female threads are provided to ensure better strength. The very high impact strength resists external pressure.

Available Sizes

  • uPVC Casing Pipe – CS (Shallow Well) as per IS: 12818 – 11.5 cm (4.5”) to 25.0 cm (10”) (Suitable for Bore-well / Tube well for depth up to 80 meters)
  • uPVC Casing Pipe – CM (Medium Well) as per IS: 12818 – 4.0 cm (1.5”) to 25.0 cm (10”) (Suitable for Bore-well / Tube-well for depth up to 250 meters)
  • uPVC Casing Pipe – CD (Deep Well) as per IS: 12818 – 20.0 cm (8”) to 25.0 cm (10”) (Suitable for Bore-well / Tube-well for depth up to 450 meters)
  • uPVC Casing Pipe – Super Heavy Plus – 16.5 cm (6.5”)

Product Details

  • Pipes

Clamps & Hangers


Features & Benefits


Case-well casing pipes are used in irrigation, domestic, industrial & mining field.

Benefits of Screen/Slotted Pipes
  • A very effective way to recharge the ground-water
  • To improve ground-water levels and availability
  • To conserve the surface water runoff during monsoon
  • The main sewer can be protected from flooding during monsoon by the reduced volume of discharge of rain-water
Features and Benefits
  • Easy to handle and light-weight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durable, non-toxic and maintenance-free
  • Quick Installation
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