13 Feb 2022

Exploring and Advantages of uPVC Pipes and Fittings Across Various Applications

uPVC pipes, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipes, are a type of rigid plastic pipe commonly used for various applications such as plumbing, drainage, and irrigation systems due to their durability and chemical resistance.

Astral offers India’s first lead-free uPVC piping system – Astral Aquarius. These pipes are lead-free, non-toxic, and perfectly safe for potable water applications.

These uPVC pipe and fittings exhibit all the well-known physical characteristics of conventional uPVCs, like being chemical- and corrosion-resistant, having low thermal conductivity, high impact resistance, and holding weight.

Astral Aquarius uses NSF-approved, specially formulated, one-step solvent cement, and the overall plumbing system has twice the pressure bearing capacity than that of a regular threaded pipe.

 Features of Astral Aquarius uPVC Pipes

Astral Aquarius uPVC Pipes

  1. Strong & Lightweight : They are strong with excellent tensile and impact strength. Their lightweight makes them easily transportable.
  2. Durable : They are weather-resistant and do not corrode easily. They can last up to 50 years without causing any trouble to users.
  1. Fire Resistant & Chemical Resistant : These uPVC pipes have low combustibility, making them difficult to catch on fire. In the event that they do catch fire, they instantly stop burning once the source of the fire is removed.

Additionally, these pipes perform better than their counterparts in terms of flammability, flame propagation, and heat release. They also display lower acid emissions, less smoke generation, and enhanced fire resistance.

uPVCs are also known to be resistant to most mineral acids, hydrocarbon solutions, etc.

  1. Easy to Install : They are easy to cut, shape, weld, and join.
  1. Safe for Drinking Water : Due to their lead-free and non-toxic composition, Astral Aquarius pipes are best for transporting potable water.
  1. Available in Wide Range : They are available from ½’’ (15 mm) to 12’’ (300 mm) with a wide range of fittings, transition fittings, and some specially designed brass valves, among some other regular ones, to suit any design.

Applications of Aquarius uPVC Pipes

  • Cold Water Plumbing Applications
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Industrial Process Lines
  • Swimming Pools
  • Plants and Tanning Plants
  • Hand Pumps
  • Industries like sugar, paper and distilleries.
  • Salt Water Lines
  • Corrosive Fluid Transportation
  • Cols Washing and Ash Handling
  • Down Take Lines

 Easy Installation of Aquarius uPVC Pipes:

 Step 1: Cut Pipe

To cut the pipes, use tools like a miter saw, mechanical cut-off saw, or wheel cutter. These would help to cut the pipe in a straight manner.

It is essential to cut the pipe in a straight manner as the joints are sealed at the base of the fitting socket, and cutting at an angle would result in joint failure.

Step 2: Remove Burr and Bevel

Remove all the burr from inside and outside of the pipe. Remove any existing dirt, grease, or moisture with a clean dry cloth.

 Step 3: Dry Fit

Try fitting the fittings into the pipe. The fittings should easily travel from one-third to one-half of the way without resistance. But fittings that are too tight or too loose should be avoided.

 Step 4: Applying Cement

Use an applicator that is the one half of the pipe to apply cement. A full even layer of cement to be added to the outside of the pipe.

A medium layer of cement has to be applied to the inside of the fitting.

Step 5: Join Pipe & Fitting

Assemble the pipe and fitting socket until they come into contact with the socket bottom. Make sure to hold the pipe until it doesn’t back down, and remove any excess cement.

Additionally, make sure to always follow safety precautions when handling Astral Pipes and follow the user manual to ensure appropriate use.


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