16 Aug 2022

The Benefits Of uPVC Pipes for your Home or Office

The plumbing system of any location is a crucial aspect of constructing or upgrading a home or office space. Leaks, dampness, frequent upkeep needs, or other inconvenience-causing difficulties with the piping system are the last things you want. Pipes that are poorly installed or of poor quality may result in long-term problems or damage.

A well-designed piping system ensures clean water, proper sewage disposal, consistent water pressure and flow, and reduces waste energy. Installing high-quality pipes be­­comes essential to ensure that the plumbing system in your home or place of business provides you with a convenient experience and helps to reduce the need for frequent maintenance. uPVC plumbing pipes are the ideal choice for an excellent piping system.

What are uPVC Plumbing Pipes?

These unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) pipes are stiff and have tensile strength, unlike conventional PVC pipes that include plasticizers. Because of their light weight, resistance to high temperatures, and simplicity of installation, they are a great option. The uPVC pipes and fittings are used for various purposes such as electrical conduits, drainage systems, irrigation systems, and water supply lines.

Benefits of uPVC water pipes for Home and Office Space

1. Ease of Installation

Compared to conventional metal pipes, uPVC plumbing pipes are lighter, making them simpler to handle and carry. Therefore, installing this kind of pipe quickly and easily is simpler. Another benefit is that uPVC water pipes are simpler to cut to the desired length and may be coupled using some fittings, such as compression joints, cement joints, threaded joints, and more. Customising the plumbing system to meet the unique requirements of the commercial or residential property is therefore convenient.

2. Durability and Resistance

uPVC pipes are long-lasting, durable and have a high resistance to pressure. Astral’s Aquarius is one of the best uPVC water pipes used at homes and offices to ensure exceptional plumbing that is smooth and convenient. These pipes have a high tensile and impact strength making them one of the best options for a good plumbing system.

3. Leak Resistance and Low Maintenance

uPVC plumbing pipes are simple to clean and require little maintenance, so they are a great option for plumbing in confined spaces. uPVC water pipes don’t need to be descaled like other kinds of pipeline materials since they are resistant to the build-up of scale. Because they are constructed from a single piece of material, they are highly leak resistant and suitable for high-pressure applications. Additionally, uPVC pipes are less likely to burst in sub-freezing conditions.

4. 100% Lead-Free and Safe for Drinking Water

At Astral, you will find a variety of uPVC plumbing pipes suitable for your home and office plumbing needs. The Aquarius range of uPVC pipes & fittings is 100% lead-free and hence non-toxic, making them a great option for your home. This makes uPVC pipes suitable for potable water and a safe pipe for drinking water.

Why Choose Astral Aquarius Pipes and Fittings?

The Aquarius pipes and fittings are available in 15 mm (1/2”) to 300 mm (12”) with two different classes SCH 40 and SCH 80. These pipes are lead-free, easy to install, UV stabilised, fire and chemical resistant, a good insulator and provide maximum flow rate.

Aquarius pipes

You can also check out Astral’s range of pipes and fittings under ECO Pro and Multi Pro for plumbing needs. Want to know more about suitable pipes for drinking water? Read our blog on How to Choose the Right Pipes for Safe and Clean potable water.

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