What are the combustibility properties of Astral CPVC pipe and fittings?

Astral CPVC has a flash ignition temperature of 900°F which is the lowest temperature at which sufficient combustion gas is evolved that can be ignited by a small external flame. Many other ordinary combustibles, such as wood, ignite at 500°F or less.

Astral CPVC will not sustain burning. It must be forced to burn due to its very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60. LOI is the percentage of oxygen needed in an atmosphere to support combustion. Since the Earth's atmosphere is only 21% oxygen, Astral CPVC will not burn unless a flame is constantly applied, and stops burning when the ignition source is removed.

Limiting Oxygen Index(LOI)

Oxygen contained in Earth's atmosphere - 21%




16 – 17







Astral CPVC has a significantly lower heat of combustion at 7,770 BTU/lb compared to Douglas fir at 9,040 BTU/lb and polypropylene at nearly 20,000 BTU/lb. Materials with a high heat of combustion perpetuate a combustible mixture which, when ignited, creates more heat and causes the burning process to become self-sustaining. Astral CPVC cannot be the ignition source of a fire or support combustion.

Are there any health risks using a Astral CPVC plumbing system?

No, Astral CPVC plumbing systems have been used for more than 40 years and have not posed any health risks. Astral CPVC plumbing systems exceed ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for water quality with no pH level restrictions as found in copper pipe. Astral CPVC plumbing systems meet all model code approvals, including the International Plumbing Code, International Residential Code, BOCA National Plumbing Code, Standard Plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, CABO-1 and 2-Family Dwelling Code and Canadian Plumbing Code.

What are the additional benefits for builders and plumbers?

The benefits of a Astral CPVC plumbing system versus copper plumbing systems are not just a matter of lower material costs. Astral CPVC plumbing systems are faster and easier to install for the experienced, professional plumber, reducing overall labor costs. Astral CPVC plumbing systems do not require torches or heavy equipment. A one-step joining system can provide curing in 10 minutes on standard size pipe for ease in pressure testing.

What are the additional benefits of a Astral CPVC plumbing system for homeowners?

The thermoplastic properties of a Astral CPVC system provides a system that is four times quieter than copper plumbing systems, reducing the sound of running water and the potential of the pounding noise of water hammer. In addition, unlike copper piping materials, the thermoplastic properties of a Astral CPVC plumbing systems provide insulation to reduce condensation and "sweaty pipes." The material keeps hot water hotter and cold water colder than copper. Less energy is lost through the wall of the pipe, saving homeowners money on heating and cooling.

Why would a plumber, builder or homeowner select a Astral CPVC plumbing system over a metal (copper or galvanized) system?

CPVC plumbing systems will not pit, scale or corrode in aggressive water and soil conditions, so water purity is maintained. In environments with aggressive water, pH levels of less than 6.5, copper plumbing is not certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water safety and may break down. Plus, copper cannot resist certain soil chemistries or compositions and will begin to degrade. In these conditions, copper pipes can develop pinholes and leaks in just a few years.

Do Astral CPVC plumbing systems meet plumbing codes?

CPVC plumbing systems meet all model code approvals, including BOCA National Plumbing Code, Standard Plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, CABO 1- and 2- Family Dwelling Code, Canadian Plumbing Code, International Plumbing Code and International Residential Code, as well as California Plumbing Code.

When was a CPVC plumbing system first used?

The first CPVC plumbing system was installed in 1959. Since its development, more than three billion feet of CPVC pipe has been installed in homes, condominiums, buildings, apartments and hotels, including 12 million homes.

What is Astral CPVC Pipe?

Noveon, Inc., the world leader in CPVC technology, invented CPVC more than 40 years ago. Astral CPVC is a patented rigid thermoplastic chlorinated polyvinyl compound used in the manufacturing of a plumbing system that won't pit, scale or corrode.

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