Types of Pipes in borewell

22 Jul 2022

What Types of Pipes are used in a Borewell?

A borewell is a way to extract water from the ground that involves drilling a small, deep hole into the earth. A borewell’s primary function is to provide access to groundwater for use at home, for industrial purposes or agricultural processes or for irrigation.

In places where the traditional supply of water is rare or insufficient, borewells are an essential way to access water. To prevent contamination and resource loss, it is imperative to ensure that borewells are built and maintained correctly. 

The Importance of Column Pipes for Borewell

The pipes used to line the walls of a borewell are called column pipes or casing pipes. They protect the borehole from caving in and prevent contaminants from entering the well, thus facilitating the extraction of water from the well. This type of pipe is installed in the borewell after the drilling process and cemented in place for better stability. 

Additionally, they offer a smooth, continuous surface inside the borehole, making it simpler to attach pumps and other water extraction machinery. Column pipes protect the borehole and guarantee the availability of clean, safe groundwater, which makes them crucial components in the building and maintenance of borewells.

Different types of Borewell Pipes

Size: Column pipes with a diameter of 1″ to 2″ are needed for a standard bore up to 80 metres in depth, and pipes with a diameter of 1″ to 4″ are needed for a medium bore between 80 and 250 metres. A pipe with a diameter of 1.25 to 4″ is required for a heavy bore that is deeper than 250 to 450 metres. 

 At Astral, we provide a selection of borewell pipes ranging from size 1” to 5” that cater to various needs of piping solutions for borewells. 

 Material: Before uPVC pipes were introduced, galvanised column pipes made of steel and coated with zinc were commonly used for borewells. But today, the most popularly used pipes for borewells are uPVC pipes. They are lightweight, easy to install and cost-effective. These can withstand low to high water pressures. Also, uPVC pipes are suitable for borewells in places with hard rock formations because they can withstand high water pressure.

Astral Borewell Pipes

We are one of the leading manufacturers of column pipes in India. At Astral Pipes, we provide a range of Borewell pipes made with unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) designed to offer economical piping solutions to submersible pumps. They are completely eco-friendly, have an additional thickness, and are lead-free and heavy metal-free, making them an excellent choice of column pipes for borewells. 

Here are some of the best features of Astral’s uPVC column pipes:

  • Double SS Stud Pin Lock System for exceptional performance
  • Special compound for durability and endurance 
  • Safe for drinking water
  • EPDM Ring for watertight joints
  • Square Threads for better strength 
  • Thick & Thin process to enhance mechanical properties of the pipes

Our uPVC column pipes for borewells are manufactured with Japanese technology to sustain column loads and high impacts. To meet or exceed the requirements of products available for similar applications, Astral Borewell pipes are put through rigorous testing. Therefore, we offer one of the best piping solutions for borewells in India.

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