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05 Aug 2022

The Advantages of Blow Mould Water Tanks By Astral Pipes: Why Choose Them for Your Home?

Water is an essential resource that plays a crucial role in our daily lives. From cooking and cleaning to personal hygiene and hydration, we rely on a steady supply of clean and safe water. It is necessary to install a reliable and efficient water storage solution to ensure an uninterrupted water supply. One of the top-quality tanks includes moulded water storage tanks made with a unique technique for efficient water storage and durability.

What Are Blow Moulded Water Storage Tanks?

Blow moulded water storage tanks are a type of water tank that is manufactured using a blow moulding process. Blow moulding is a manufacturing technique where the plastic material is melted and then formed into a hollow shape by blowing air into it, causing it to take the shape of a mould.

Blow moulded water tanks are typically made from high-quality, food-grade polyethylene (plastic) material. The process allows for the creation of seamless, one-piece tanks that are strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. These water containers storage are designed to store and hold water safely for various purposes, such as residential, commercial and industrial water storage needs.

Let us explore the advantages of blow mould plastic water tanks offered by Astral Pipes and why they are the ideal choice.

Why Choose Astral’s Water Storage Tanks?

Superior Durability

Blow mould plastic water tanks from Astral Pipes are crafted using high-quality material, which makes them incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV exposure and heavy rainfall. Astral’s blow mould water storage tanks for homes, maintain their structural integrity, ensuring a consistent and reliable water storage solution for years to come.

Built Stronger with Added Ribs

Ribs are raised sections or ridges on the tank’s surface that provide reinforcement and support to the tank walls. They help distribute the external pressure exerted by the water evenly across the tank’s surface, reducing the risk of bulging or deformation. Astral is the only brand that offers a unique double-ribbed design of water storage tanks for homes in India. The additional ribs in Astral’s plastic water tanks significantly enhance their durability and structural integrity.

Air Ventilation for Natural Oxygen Levels

Astral’s plastic water tanks are designed with air ventilation mechanisms that play a crucial role in maintaining the natural oxygen levels within the stored water. Air ventilation helps prevent the stagnation of water and the potential development of unpleasant odours or tastes that can result from inadequate oxygen circulation. With this, the water remains fresher and more palatable over extended periods of storage.

Threaded Lid for Dust-Free and Hygienic Water

The threaded lid of Astral’s water tanks ensures that the stored water remains dust-free and maintains a high level of hygiene. This lid creates a secure seal, preventing contaminants from entering the tank. It also has an inner lid that ensures protection from direct sunlight to keep the water safe and algae-free.

Hygienic and Safe

Astral Pipes’ blow mould plastic water tanks are manufactured using food-grade plastic, ensuring that the stored water remains hygienic and safe for consumption. The non-porous surface of these tanks storage tanks for home, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, algae or fungi, thereby maintaining the water’s quality. This feature is particularly vital for households that use harvested rainwater or store water for an extended period.

Excellent Capacity Range

Whether you have a small household or a large family, Astral Pipes offers blow mould plastic water storage tanks in various capacities to suit your specific needs. From compact tanks suitable for apartments to larger tanks for bungalows or commercial establishments, the diverse range of sizes ensures that you can find the perfect tank to meet your requirements without compromising on space.

Astral’s Range of Blow-Moulded Water Storage Tanks

When it comes to selecting the ideal water storage solution for your home, Astral Pipes’ blow mould water tanks stand out as a superior choice. By choosing a water storage tank from Astral Pipes, you ensure a consistent and reliable water supply.

Astral’s blow-moulded plastic water tanks consist of three distinct layers: an outer layer, which comes in either white or coloured, made from 100% UV stabilised material; a middle layer with uniform carbon distribution; and an inner white layer with anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties. The inner layer plays a vital role in preventing bacterial growth, ensuring that the water remains pure, fresh and free from germs.

These plastic water tanks are crafted using 100% virgin HDPE material and the latest technology, resulting in a seamless construction without any joints. The HDPE material adheres to both National and International standards for food-grade material, ensuring its safety and suitability for storing potable water.

At Astral Pipes, our commitment is to offer the highest quality products at an affordable cost, coupled with dependable service to our esteemed customers. We believe in contributing to the well-being of society by promoting health and hygiene through our water storage solutions.

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