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Astral Blow Moulded Tanks

The ASTRAL Blow - Moulded water storage tanks are made up of three layers namely, Outer Layer - White or Coloured layer of 100% UV stabilized, Middle Layer – Uniform Carbon distribution layer and Inner White Layer - anti-bacterial /anti-microbial layer, The inner layer prevents bacterial growth and keeps water pure, fresh and germs free.

The Astral Blow Moulded tanks manufactured from 100% Virgin HDPE material with latest technology and without any joints. The HDPE material meets the requirements of various National and International standards for Food Grade Material.

The ASTRAL promise to deliver highest quality products at affordable cost and with service assurance to our valuable customers and contribute humanity through health and hygiene of the society.

Product Specification

Saylo Water Tank

Unique Lid Design

  • Threaded Lid with Black inner lid to protect sunlight and prevent algae formation
  • Air vent to keep the water fresh and prevent vacuum generation.

Key Features

  • Virgin Raw Material
  • Multilayer Tank
  • Light weight yet super strong
  • Better Mechanical Properties.
  • Modern multi ribbed design, Textured finish outer wall
  • Uniform thickness
  • Odour Free Plastic layer for Odourless Water
  • Better Water Quality for Better Health of Family
  • Radius at Edges to avoid stress generation and increase tank life
  • Safe for drinking water
  • Non-Toxic
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Installation
  • Plumber Friendly
  • Extra Packing for Product safety.

Product Details

  • Opta Water Tank

Clamps & Hangers

Opta Water Tank


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