05 Jul 2022

PowerDrain and GeoRex: The Dynamic Duo for Efficient Soil Drainage

In various construction and landscaping projects, efficient soil drainage plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and stability of the surrounding environment. To address this need, PowerDrain and GeoRex by Astral Pipes have emerged as a dynamic duo, offering innovative solutions for effective water drainage systems. By harnessing the power of advanced drain pipe technology, these two solutions have revolutionised the field of soil drainage.

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 PowerDrain: Unleashing the Potential of Drain Water Pipes

PowerDrain by Astral Pipes is a cutting-edge water drainage system designed for greater drainage efficiency in various soil conditions. It’s specifically designed to effectively drain water from soil using syphonic actions and capillary forces, rather than just relying on gravity!

Made with a unique thermoplast PVC compound, PowerDrain is a flat belt consisting of multiple tubes placed under it. It provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, root invasion and fungal or algal issues. Its unique drain pipe technology allows for rapid and effective water removal, preventing waterlogging and potential damage to structures. The powerful drainage capacity of PowerDrain ensures that excess water is promptly drained, maintaining the stability of the soil and enhancing overall project longevity.

The innovative product is ideal for enhancing building foundation durability and waterproofing, ensuring dry and leak-free basements, creating puddle-free and lush gardens and optimising sports fields and golf courses for uninterrupted play.

GeoRex: The Next Generation Water Drainage System

GeoRex is another revolutionary innovation from Astral Pipes that complements PowerDrain perfectly. It represents the epitome of innovation in soil drainage systems with special applications in agriculture. GeoRex is a single-wall corrugated pipe system with perforation and synthetic filters for sub-surface drainage.

Subsurface drainage (SSD) systems are used in areas where the soil can not drain the excess water on its own. With its high-performance drain pipe network installed beneath the top layer of soil, GeoRex effectively diverts excess water away from the soil to a nearby manhole or reservoir. It helps to prevent erosion and maintain the structural integrity of the surrounding area. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, from residential gardens to large-scale agricultural projects.

The Perfect Partnership for Efficient Water Drainage: PowerDrain and GeoRex

  • When placed on the ground, the natural capillary action in the soil assists in drawing water towards the omega-shaped tubes located beneath the belt.
  • The innovative design of PowerDrain enables the water to be retained within the grooves by utilising the forces of adhesion, cohesion and surface tension.
  • To channel the collected water, a coupler is employed to insert the PowerDrain belt into the GeoRex Pipe, which serves as the expert subsoil drainage system.
  • The GeoRex pipe is positioned at a lower level than the PowerDrain, creating a siphonic effect and establishing an active drainage system.
  • The GeoRex pipes have perforated surfaces that, in conjunction with PowerDrain, create a dual-action drainage system.
  • This system not only aids in removing excess water from the soil but also directs it towards storage.

Key Benefits of PowerDrain and GeoRex:

– Rapid and effective water removal, preventing waterlogging

– Enhanced soil stability, reducing the risk of erosion and structural damage

– Improved project longevity and reduced maintenance costs

– Versatility in application, catering to a wide range of projects

– Environmentally friendly, promoting sustainable water drainage system

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