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18 Jun 2024

How to Choose the Right Sewerage Drainage Pipes and Fittings for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

When it comes to large commercial spaces, the sewerage drainage system plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and effective wastewater management.

Sewerage drainage systems have various components, these include pipes and fittings. These components must be carefully selected to ensure optimal performance.

In our blog post, we explore the types of sewerage drainage pipes and fittings for commercial areas.

The first step in choosing the right sewerage drainage pipes is to understand the different types available in the market.

Astral offers Mineral-filled PP pipes under the name Astral Silencio, Astral DrainPro; and PVC pipes under the name Astral DrainMaster, Astral UnderGround Pipes Astral Foamcore.

Before we dive into the details, let’s learn a little about PP, and PVC pipes.


  • PP Pipes: Polypropylene (PP) pipes are ductile at ambient temperatures, and exhibit good impact strength. They are also chemical resistant, thus suitable for use in acidic and alkaline conditions.
  • PVC Pipes: PVC pipes are economical, lightweight, easy-to-transport pipes. They are usually grey coloured and are available in a variety of diameters to accommodate different drainage needs.

Astral Silencio

Astral Silencio uses a Mineral Reinforced PP with 3 Layer construction; low-noise drainage system.

This material provides exceptional mechanical and acoustic properties for Astral Silencio. The property of the pipe is such that it enables absorption of airborne and structure-borne sound. With its exceptional high molecular structure, this pipe imparts unparalleled physical and mechanical properties, rendering it as strong as metal.

External Layer: Is sturdy and highly impact-resistant.

Middle Layer: Mineral-reinforced plastic provides high stability and establishes a superior noise-insulating effect.

Internal Layer: Provides superior flow performance with its smooth structure and resistance against high water temperatures.

Special fittings add value to the product and help with better usage of the drainage pipe. Let’s have a look at the pipe fittings for Astral Silencio:

  • Door Fittings: Has an additional inner door cap along with threaded door cap to give smooth uninterrupted flow
  • Push-Fit Socket with Special Ring: This fitting guarantees hydraulic tightness and free movement of the pipe caused by expansion and contraction
  • Depth Gauge: Allows thermal expansion and contraction
  • Swept Angle: Smooth Flow

Astral DrainPro

Astral DrainPro has been manufactured using state-of-the-art multi-layer piping technology. It is tripe-layered. It has been designed to cater to challenging drainage systems.

The Outer Layer: Absorbs impact, and protects from UV.

The Middle Layer: Gives strength, structure, and better acoustic performance.

The Inner Layer: Provides resistance from abrasion and a smooth flow.

DrainPro has been designed so as to overcome the limitations of the conventional system. It offers better functionality in all aspects as compared to conventional ones.

These materials demonstrate exceptional thermal resilience and exhibit a wide pH range of 2-12, with diverse chemical compositions.

This versatile product offers a multitude of fitting types that caters to value engineering principles to enhance functionality and cost-effectiveness:

  • External Ribs: Provides extra strength to the socket from the outside.
  • Angular Rotation: Helps with alignment

Astral Foamcore

Astral Foamcore pipes are triple-layered, where the outer and inner layers are traditional PVC pipes and the middle layer has a layer of foamed PVC. They are best suited for underground drainage systems.

 Astral Foamcore Pipes

Here, the inner and outer layers take on load, while the foamed middle layer gives the pipe rigidity while maintaining the shape of the pipe. The foamed layer makes Astral Foamcore much lighter than traditional metal / concrete pipes. 

Because of Astral Foamcore’s fine ability to absorb load and retain shape, it is excellent to use for underground drainage systems where the surrounding soil tends to exert a high amount of pressure on the pipe. Foamcore ensures rigidity, stability, and therefore smooth drainage flow.

The fittings that go with Astral Foamcore are:

  • Rodding Point: For easy access to drains and their cleaning.
  • Bend 45°, 87.5°; Adjustable Bend 7° TO 87.5°: Connects sewerage pipes at the mentioned angles
  • Rest Bend: To connect soil stacks and ground floor sanitary appliances to the underground drains.
  • Single Tee : Available in Size 11 and 16 cm it combines or divides fluid flow

When selecting pipes and fittings for commercial areas.  Check out more products from Astral

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