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Strong and Light Weight Drainage System

Astral Foamcore pipes are basically multilayer pipes having outer and inner layers of conventional PVC and middle layer of foamed PVC. Outer and inner layers are designed to take the load while the middle layer of foamed PVC gives rigidity while maintaining the shape of the pipe under load. It reduces total weight of pipe and makes it light when compared to solid wall PVC pipes. The pipe is typical of solid wall PVC under load and the type of distortion is normally expected.

The Astral Foamcore pipe can distribute the load more evenly and does not show the same amount of distortion, as it has unique “I-Beam” structure. Due to its ability of absorbing the load, Astral Foamcore pipes are most suitable for underground drainage systems, where soil exerts a lot of pressure on pipe surfaces. In solid wall pipes, this soil pressure will rupture the pipe after some time where Astral Foamcore pipes give better life as foamed PVC layer will absorb pressure and make pipes “stress-free” in working conditions.

Standards & Specifications

  • ISI 16098:1

Available Sizes

Astral Foamcore pipes are available in 11.0 cm to 31.5 cm with different stiffness classes mainly categorized as SN2, SN4 & SN8. SN2 pipes are recommended for above ground applications while SN4 & SN8 pipes are recommended for below ground applications depending on the level at which these pipes have to be installed.

  • 11.0 cm with stiffness class SN4 & SN8
  • 16.0 cm, 20.0 cm, 25.0 cm & 31.5 cm with stiffness class SN2, SN4 & SN8

Product Details

  • Pipes
  • Fittings
  • Adhesives

Features & Benefits

Fields of Application

Drain and sewer systems in residences, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, academic institutes, industries etc.

  • Light weight & strong
  • Wide range & compatibility
  • Maximum flow rate
  • Longer service life
  • Cost saving
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Non-toxicity
  • Non-conductor
Unique Features and Benefits

Astral Foamcore uPVC pipes are suitable for residential and commercial drain, waste & vent piping systems for both underground and above ground applications.

Ringfit Pipes

The socket has groove inside for rubber ring. The rubber ring ensures trouble free water tight joint with allowance to thermal expansion /contraction. One end of the pipe is plain and other end is self-socketed with an integral groove to hold the rubber gasket. When joined with a rubber ring, the joint formed is a trouble free, water tight one, ready to take care of thermal expansion / contraction.

Selfit Pipes

Selfit pipes are socketed on automatic socketing machine with self-socket length (without groove). Such pipes are to be joined with solvent cement. One end of the pipe is plain and the other end is self-socketed. The pipes when joined using solvent cement, form a permanent water tight joint.

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