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Astral manhole chambers are made of 100% virgin UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) material and are intended for use in underground drainage and sewerage systems. Innovative industrial strength design based on almost 20 years of German/European experience incorporates carefully designed ribs to provide extra strength to the product and at the same time act as an uplift prevention system against ground water. Astral manholes have been installed in extremely challenging site conditions such as high ground water level. Astral chambers are suitable for both on-road and off-road installations.

Product Details

  • Fittings
  • Adhesives



Clamps & Hangers


Features & Benefits

  • Most durable and impact resistant.
  • Light in weight, easy to handle and quick to install.
  • Smooth fore pipe with longer internals between joints reduces the risk of blockage and improves flow.
  • A full range of underground drainage, sewer and associated drainage products.
  • Easy to install even in wet condition.
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