PEX Plumbing Pipe

05 Aug 2022

PEX Plumbing Pipe: Everything You Need to Know

What is PEX Piping?

PEX pipe, short for cross-linked polyethylene pipe, is a flexible, durable and versatile plumbing material that has revolutionised the industry. It is an excellent alternative to traditional piping for water that uses materials such as copper and PVC, offering numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice for many applications.

Astral Pex-a PRO introduces the groundbreaking Expansion Ring Technology, revolutionising hot and cold plumbing systems. Made from cross-linked polyethylene pipes, this next-generation solution utilises a unique process that forms strong links between polyethylene molecules. It sets a new standard for plumbing systems. Let’s explore some key aspects of PEX Pipe:

Types of PEX Plumbing Pipes

There are three main types of PEX piping: PEX-A, PEX-B and PEX-C. PEX-A is the most flexible and has excellent freeze resistance. PEX-B is slightly stiffer but offers good durability. PEX-C is the most affordable option but is less flexible than the other two types.

Components of the Astral Pex-a PRO System

 Pex-a pipes:

Astral Pipes utilises top-quality HDPE and advanced PEX-a technology for high-performance pipes. Their state-of-the-art process involves peroxide cross-linking, employing cutting-edge infrared ray ovens for superior results.

Plastic Rings:

Plastic rings, made with high-tech polymers through injection moulding, ensure precise dimensions and simplify assembly. With a pipe-stopping system, the process becomes more efficient. The rings are available in red, blue and white, enabling easy identification of pipelines.

Brass / PPSU Fittings:

Astral PEX-a PRO system uses premium brass (CW617N alloy) that meets rigorous EU sanitary standards. It also offers PPSU fittings, known for their high quality in hot and cold water plumbing systems.

Uses for PEX Plumbing Piping

Whether you need piping for water supply, radiant heating or even hydronic snow melting systems, a PEX pipe can meet your requirements. PEX piping for water has a wide range of uses in plumbing systems. It is commonly used for water supply lines, both hot and cold, in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

What are the Advantages of Astral’s PEX-a PRO?

  • It is flexible, allowing easy installation even in tight spaces. PEX-a PRO pipe joints are known for their reliability and leak-free performance. By harnessing the plastic memory of Pex-a PRO pipes, connections can be effortlessly formed through expansion, ensuring a tight, space-efficient and recessed system.
  • This innovation guarantees simple renovations and chemical-free setup. It is resistant to corrosion, scale and freezing temperatures. Also, the Pex-a PRO plumbing system supports manifold hydraulic installation, facilitated by a specialised wall-mounted cabinet. This configuration individually supplies and manages draw-off points, backed by a pipe-in-pipe system and manifold combination that ensures seamless maintenance.
  • Within a concealed pipe run, without any T-joints, damaged sections can be effortlessly removed and replaced, ensuring minimal structural disruption. Simplifying repairs while enhancing easy renovation.
  • Pex-a PRO ensures a reliable watertight connection without the need for ‘O’ rings, regardless of assembly tool condition. It provides consistent compression force along the entire ring length, ensuring secure pipe joints. This revolutionary piping system has a 20-year safety record, instilling confidence in its long-term reliability.

Types of Installations for Pex-a PRO

  1. Single connection distribution: Effortlessly route water to fixtures
  2. Tee connection: Branch water lines for multiple fixtures
  3. Pipe-in-pipe: Insulate pipes and prevent freezing in colder climates
  4. Ceiling installation: Save space, integrate pipes discreetly

Standards & Specifications

The Pex-a PRO system adheres to the following industry standards and specifications:

  • ISO 15875-1: This standard covers the general requirements for plastic piping systems used in hot and cold water installations, specifically focusing on cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X).
  • ISO 15875-2: This standard specifically addresses the pipes used in plastic piping systems for hot and cold water installations, with a focus on cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X).
  • By meeting these rigorous standards, the Pex-a PRO system ensures compliance and reliability for hot and cold water plumbing applications. The Pex-a PRO is available in 1.6 cm, 2.0 cm, 2.5 cm and 3.2 cm
  • Pex-a PRO system plumbing pipe offers a reliable and versatile solution for various plumbing applications. It offers a wide range of fittings, making it a preferred choice among contractors and plumbers alike.


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Customer Care / Enquiries

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