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In 1993, Sarita entered the water-tank manufacturing market by setting up its rst state-of-the-art unit “Shree Prabhu Polymer” at Waluj, MIDC. With the sole aim to expand the brand, Sarita started investing into new growth areas and simultaneously kept increasing its production capacities and manufacturing units. Since its establishment, Sarita has grown exponentially and has become a trusted brand name. After gaining two decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing water tanks, Sarita is now synonymous with exceptional product quality and extraordinary customer service

Key-Points (Generic)

  • 100% virgin food-grade material
  • U.V. stabilized (extra protection from harsh sun rays)
  • Ideal for drinking water
  • Carbon components for extra strength

Product Details

  • Sarita Tuf
  • Sarita Deluxe

Clamps & Hangers

Sarita Tuf

Sarita Deluxe

Features & Benefits


What is a triple-layered water tank?

Sarita Water Tank offers the two most essential attributes of a water tank - strength and durability. Sarita Water Tanks offer highly durable and robust triple-layered water tanks, with each layer providing its own set of benefits. These tanks also keep stored water clean and disinfected for a long time.


Outer Layer

  • Attractive colour shades
  • 100% pure raw material
  • U.V. stabilized
  • Optimal White Colour
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Prevents heating up of water


Middle Layer

  • Black, protective layer
  • Prevents harsh sun rays
  • Long-lasting
  • Opacity to protect water from bacteria


Inner Layer

  • White coloured layer for bottom visibility
  • Increases tank immunity
  • Keeps water clean
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