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The Complete Low Noise Drainage System

Astral Silencio low noise system is an innovative product made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene.This base material provides excellent mechanical and acoustic properties of Astral Silencio. Made with a high molecular structure, which enables absorption of airborne sound and structure borne sound. Sound energy does not spread over the pipe wall.


  • Outstanding noise-insulation values
  • Easy installation
  • High impact resistance
  • As strong as metal
  • Chemical resistance
  • No special clamps/hangers required
  • Extremely tough
  • Resistance to hot water
  • Smooth inner surface

Product Details

Features & Benefits

The Outstanding Feature of Astral Silencio is our 3 Layer Construction and Special Socket Joint
  • External Layer – PP: The tough protective shell of the pipe. Sturdy and highly impact resistant

  • Middle Layer – Mineral Reinforced PP: Mineral-reinforced plastic, provides very high stability and establishes the superior noise insulating effect

  • Internal Layer – PP: Provides a superior flow performance with its smooth structure. It is resistant against high water temperatures

Unique Features of the system
  • Door Fittings: Provided additional inner door cap along with threaded door cap to maintain flow without blockage

  • Push-Fit Socket with Special Ring : The Push-Fit socket is fitted with ring made with German Technology that guarantees hydraulic tightness and free movement of the pipe caused by expansion/contraction

  • External Ribs: Placed on the outer side of the socket, ribs provide extra strength

  • Depth Guage : Stopper provided at spigot area to indicate right depth fitment with thermal expansion to prevent pipe bending

  • Swept Angle : Designed with swept angle to have smooth flow & avoid blockage

Fields of Application

Drain and sewer systems in residences, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, academic institutes, industries etc.

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