Power Drain

Power Drain
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Advanced Subsurface Dewatering System

PowerDrain has been brilliantly designed to use capillary forces and syphonic action to drain water from soils far more effectively than simply relying on gravity. PowerDrain is a unique flat belt made up of special thermoplast PVC compound with a collection of tubes placed underneath the belt. When laid on the soil, the capillary action in the soil helps to move the water towards the omega-shaped tubes found underneath the belt. The unique design of PowerDrain helps to hold the water within the grooves due to the forces of adhesion, cohesion and surface tension. The collected water is then guided to GeoRex pipe, our subsoil drainage specialist, with the help of a coupler which is designed to insert the PowerDrain belt into the GeoRex Pipe. The GeoRex pipe is installed at a lower level than PowerDrain to create a siphonic movement, making it an active drainage system. The perforated surface of the GeoRex pipes in combination with PowerDrain creates a double action drainage system. Not only does it help to drain excess water from the soil, but also helps in directing the water toward storage.

Product Range

Length: Roll of 50 metres | Width: 100/200 mm ± 5% | Thickness: 2mm ± 5% | Standard Color: Green

Working Principle:

When placed in soil, water moves into grooves by Capillary Action is carried to the pipe by Siphon Action.

Capillary Action: It is the tendency of a fluid to raise in a narrow tube due to the interaction between cohesive & adhesive forces of the fluid and surface.

Siphonage Action: It is the process where the fluid flows from its highest point to the lower point via a channel under the influence of gravity.

Physicals Charecteristics:

Sr No. Property Unit Value
1 Width cm 10 or 20 ± 5%
2 Thickness mm 2.00 ± 5%
3 Roll Length m 50
4 Effective water inlet opening ratio % >20
5 Flow rate (under 15 cm water head) litre/min 2 ± 10%
6 Acid Resistance - Excellent
7 Alkali Resistance - Excellent
8 Root invasion resistance - Excellent
9 Algal/Fungal Resistance - Excellent
10 Standard Colour - Green

Cross Section:

Areas of Application

  • Building foundation drainage – To increase the life of building and waterproofing
  • Repairs of existing leaking basements – To have dry basements without seepage issues
  • Beneath podium gardens and landscape gardens – For puddle free, lush and consistent greenery
  • Sports field and golf course drainage – For minimizing stoppage of play time
  • Retaining walls – To Avoid leakages
  • Agriculture – To reduce soil salinity and avoid water-logging thereby enhancing crop yield

Features & Benefits

  • Increases the life of building and waterproofing
  • Virtually crush proof
  • Does not choke even after long working cycles
  • Draining continues for a longer period of time
  • Root growth is altogether avoided due to flat top profile
  • The installation process is extremely simple and user friendly
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