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Astral DrainPro is a unique piping system manufactured using mineral filled PP and designed to cater most challenging drainage and sewerage applications. The system is an ideal replacement of conventional system by overcoming the limitations encountered while using such traditional piping systems. Astral DrainPro offers superior functionality in all aspects – be it Mechanical, Thermal, Chemical or Acoustic properties compared to traditional systems. The system has high temperature resistance (long term 90°C, short term 95°C) and excellent chemical resistance ( pH 2 to pH 12) over broader range of chemicals

Product Range

  • Pipe sizes DN 5.0, 7.5, 9.0, 11.0, 16.0 cm
  • SN 4, S 16
  • Ring Socket Joining


BS EN 1451, EN 12056, DIN 1986-100, EN 14366, DIN 4109, VDI 4100, DIN EN 13501-1, DIN 4102-1, DIN EN 13823

Availability Of Fittings

All types of required fittings are available including Bend 45°, Bend 87.5°, Door Bend 87.5°, Coupler, Reducer Coupler, Swept Tee, Door Swept Tee, Reducer Swept Tee, Reducer Door Swept Tee, Double Swept Tee, Single Y, Door Single Y, Reducer Single Y, Reducer Door Single Y, Double Y, P trap, Access Pipe, Socket Plug, Nahani Trap, Ext. Piece for Nahani Trap, Multi Floor Trap, etc.

System Components

The Pipe With 3 Layer Construction

DrainPro pipes are manufactured using the state-of-the-art multi-layer piping technology that imparts excellent properties which are essential for superior performance of the drainage system.

The Fittings with Value Engineering

Special Fittings

1. Door Fittings and Access Pipe

2. P Trap Siphone System

3. Multi Floor Trap

4. Nahani Trap with Extension Piece

Rubber Rings

Rubber Rings used in Astral DrainPro fittings are made from SBR rubber complying to EN 681-1 specification


Property Chart

Material Pipe:  PP/PP Mineral filled/PP
Fitting: PP Mineral Filled
Rubber Seal: SBR
Colour: Dove Blue
Area of Application Drainage piping system in building and other establishment
Density g/cm3 1.4
Tensile Strength MPa 18.5
Elongation @ Break % 32
Modulus of Elasticity MPa 3500
Coefficient of Linear Expansion mm/mk 0.10
Ring Stiffness kN/M2 >6
Fire Resistance --- D-s2, dO
Connection Push Fit sockets with factory-inserted lip seal special rubber ring
Application Environment Waste water with pH 2-12
Operating Temperature Water Temp. up to 95 °C/ 203 °F(intermittent)or 90 °C/194 °F (Continuous)
Life Expectancy 50 Years



4.0 40 40.0 40.3 1.8 2.0
5.0 50 50.0 50.3 1.8 2.2
7.5 75 75.0 75.4 2.3 2.8
9.0 90 90.0 90.4 2.8 3.3
11.0 110 110.0 110.4 3.4 4.0
16.0 160 160.0 160.5 4.9 5.6


Comparison with 3-Layer Ordinary PVC Pipes

MATERIAL PROPERTY PP is flexible and tough PVC is Hard and Brittle
IMPACT STRENGTH 2x impact strength than PVC Low impact strength, prone to damages in handling
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Exceptional chemical resistance withstands wide range of chemicals ranging from pH 2 to pH 12 Limited chemical resistance
TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE Can work up to 95°C for short exposure and 90°C for long exposure Can work up to 60°C temperature
VERSATILE Can be used in commercial kitchens, laboratories to hospitals etc Only ordinary drainage applications
SUSPENDED APPLICATION Highly suitable Limited suitability
ACOUSTIC PROPERTIES Very good sound insulation Poor Sound insulation
FITTINGS Value engineering with swept angle, depth gauge marking, angular rotation for better alignment, prefitted door assembly for use in high rise building etc. Currently no such special fittings are available in India

Product Details

  • Pipes
  • Fittings

Features & Benefits

High Performance Properties

Resistance To Hot Water

Astral DrainPro piping system can withstand extreme temperature conditions. Astral DrainPro piping system can work flawlessly up to 95°C for short term exposure and up to 90°C for long term exposure, making the system ideal for the commercial kitchens & trade waste applications.

Improved Acoustic Performance

Mineral filled Polypropylene material keeps system shock and vibration proof. This special characteristic helps to reduce noise during waste discharge. 3 layer pipe construction and PP mineral filled material of Drainpro provides good sound insulating properties.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Drainage and Sewerage piping system often encounter extreme conditions due to presence of various chemicals in waste water. Astral DrainPro piping system has excellent resistance to such chemicals that keep the system away from corrosion, rusting and pitting. Due to Polypropylene material it can withstand wide range of chemicals ranging from pH 2 to pH 12. This makes the DrainPro piping system ideal choice for laboratory discharge.

High Impact Strength And Fatigue Resistance

Semi-crystalline nature of PP imparts high impact and fatigue resistance that helps Astral Drainpro to overcome many challenges of traditional system like breakages and damages due to transportation, handling and storage of pipes on site.

Smooth And Abrasion Resistance Inner Surface

The smooth and abrasion-resistant inner surface enable obstacle-free flow by keeping inner surface free from deposits and scaling.


The manufacturing and installation processes of Astral DrainPro piping system utilise very less energy and 100% recyclable material makes the system Eco-friendly solution.

Other Features & Benefits

Lower Thermal Expansion

Special mineral filled PP 3-layer construction in Astral DrainPro piping system reduces the thermal expansion making the system highly recommended when external and internal temperature fluctuation are more. The thermal expansion of DrainPro is almost half of the HDPE material. Also, the push-fit connection system makes it a more versatile and stable system during such changes in length due to expansion and contraction.

UV Stability And Long Life

Draipro piping is manufactured using UV Stabilized material which protects the pipes and fittings from the degradative attack of UV improving the lifespan of the product

Simple And Quick Joining

The unique joining of pipe and fittings with the push-fit rubber ring provides the leak-proof solution for waste-water discharge. Even replacement and transfer of piping are very easy without cutting pipe.

Lower Cost

Push-fit rubber joining provides easy installation which saves time & human effort. Its light weight makes installation, handling and transportation easier and also cost-effective in comparison to heavy metallic piping systems.

Shock And Vibration Proof

Rigid structures are prone to breakage due to vibrations. Additional flexibility is given to the drainage piping system by not glueing or welding the joints. The characteristic feature of the push fit system of DrainPro provides not only air-tight and leak-proof connection but also a shock and vibration resistant joint. This helps to maintain pipe integrity in the event of an earthquake

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