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GeoRex is a product uniquely designed for sub surface drainage.

GeoRex is -

  • Single wall corrugated
  • PVC
  • Perforated sub-surface drainage pipe
  • Manufactured as per IS 9271 – 2004


  • Introduced single wall corrugated perforated pipes under the brand GeoRex in 2002 – 03 for the first time in India
  • Has supplied more than 7800 Km of GeoRex pipes till date for Government and private sector projects
  • Alongwith the presently popular 80mm and 100mm pipe diameters, Rex has introduced 65mm perforated pipes, for which it has already obtained the BIS License

Features & Benefits

Salient Features
  • The unique corrugated profile gives excellent flexibility to the pipe without affecting the stiffness
  • Pipes can sustain heavy earth loads
  • Available in longer lengths, thereby reducing number of joints
  • Available in coil form, thereby facilitating automated laying
  • Well designed perforations giving adequate water inlet area.
  • Unique braiding method to avoid any issues due to chocking of pipes and improper site installation practices
  • Injection molded fittings for better quality of joints and excellent load bearing strength of system
  • High precision installation through advanced laser guided trenching machines

Additional Details

Agricultural Land Reclamation

  • Salinity Removal and Wasteland rejuvenation
  • Reduction in soil water content to avoid water logging

Landscaping and Sports Field Constructions

  • For rapid removal of water from sports field for resuming play
  • Podium gardens
  • Stadiums
  • Golf courses

Comparison of Feilds Before and After Sub Surface Drainage :




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