Slotted Channels

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  • Slotted Channels for design-sensitive applications
  • Slotted Channels cover only as thin line visible
  • Allows the design of a project in a common optic easy access to the channels through an access cover

Features & Benefits

Individual Solutions

  • Slotted covers made of: galvanised or stainless steel
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical versions
  • Individual slotted covers with modified neck height, crossbars in the slot and more designs possible
  • Easy preparation of corner connections possible

Technical Features of the Covers

  • Reinforcements under the cover and material thickness provide perfect balance between weight and stability
  • Class D 400: material thickness 4 mm

Easy Installation

  • Easy handling and installation
  • Integrated groove and tongue connection of channels and covers - allows an easy installation without long adjustment

Connection Possibilities

  • Access covers fit on channels and trash boxes
  • Connection to sewage pipes are possible from trash box and channels (from the side or bottom)

Attractive Product

  • Perfectly designed drainage line blends harmoniously in the appearance of the object - slot width 12.5 mm for class A - C, slot width 18 mm for class D

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