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  • Accessible, floor-mounted system for temporary or permanent organisation and management of supply and information cables
  • Extremly stable and lightweight – channels made of PP 100 % recycled channel body (and 100 % recyclable)
  • Unique ductile iron gratings with various combination options optional cable-routing system

Features & Benefits

Angle Housings

  • Recycled composite angle housing (PP) according to DIN 19580
  • Recesses for longitudinal thrust protection
  • Inlaying gratings

Low Weight Ensures Easy Handling on Site

  • Considerably lighter than channels made of polymer/resin concrete
  • Easy transport and installation

High-Grade Material

  • RECYFIX - robust and breakproof
  • Elastic and particularly resistant material
  • Withstands high traffic loads and temperature differences in daily use
  • 100 % recycled channel body (and 100 % recyclable)
  • 100 % environmentally friendly
  • Non-conductive
  • The channel body made of PP can be cut, drilled and machined on site without any problems

Unique Ductile Iron Gratings with Various Combination Options

  • High-quality KTL-coating
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Extremely durable
  • Various covers: closed, with opening for cable outlet

Optional Blind Cover for Ductile Iron Grating with Cable Opening

  • KTL-coated
  • Easy opening and closing of the cable inlet and outlet

Optional Cable Routing System

  • For guiding cables and wires in an elevated position (see cable routing system accessories)
  • Easier laying and accessibility of cables and lines

Astral Hauraton Range

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