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Corrosion-free linear drainage for private and public areas.


  • RECYFIX®PRO Channel made of PP and grating made of high-quality PA-GF (Polyamide)
  • Drainage system according EN 1433
  • Lightweight, robust and easy to install.


Features & Benefits

Pre-assembled Ready for Installation

  • Channel and grating = one part
  • No spare party
  • Easy handling on stock and construction site
  • Cost-efficient transport

Corrosion-Free Gratings

  • High-grade composite
  • FIBRETEC Slotted grating: anti-slippery surface, hydraulically optimized with elegant inlet slots
  • GUGI-Mesh grating
  • Ductile iron longitudinal grating, KTL coated

Angle Housing

  • PE-angle housing acc. DIN 19580
  • Ridges to stop and lateral movements
  • Inlaying gratings

High Resistance

  • High resistance against frost, de-icing salt and UV-rays
  • Withstand high temperature differences

Low Weight Ensures Easy Handling on Site

  • Much lighter than channels made of polymer concrete
  • Easy transport and installation

Award-Winning Design

  • FIBRETEC Slotted gratings honoured with Focus Open Design Award
  • Nomination for German design prize

High-Grade Material

  • RECYFIX – stable and unbreakable
  • Elastic and expecially robust material
  • Withstand in daily use high loadings and temperatures differences

Astral Hauraton Range

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