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  • Highly stable and lightweight - linear drainage made of PP for Civils engineering
  • RECYFIX®NC Extremly stable and lightweight - channels made of PP for civil engineering
  • Light stability with durable ductile iron grating (8-fold bolted)
  • Low weight ensures easy handling on site prefabricated ready to install

Features & Benefits

Low Weight Ensures Easy Handling on Site

  • Much easier handling on site compared to channels made of polymer concrete
  • Very easy handling and installation
  • Maximum stability with minimum weight

Standards and Approvals

  • Certified to EN 1433
  • CE–marking

High Stability

  • Stable, durable ductile iron grating
  • High quality ductile iron
  • 8-fold bolted

Prefabricated Ready to Install

  • Channel and grating = one part
  • No single parts
  • Easy handling in stock and on site
  • Cost-effective transportation

High-Grade Material

  • RECYFIX – stable and almost unbreakable
  • Flexible and particularly resistant material
  • Withstands high traffic loads and temperature differences in daily use

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