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What are the combustibility properties of Astral CPVC pipe and fittings?

Astral CPVC has a flash ignition temperature of 900°F which is the lowest temperature at which sufficient combustion gas is evolved that can be ignited by a small external flame. Many other ordinary combustibles, such as wood, ignite at 500°F or less.

Astral CPVC will not sustain burning. It must be forced to burn due to its very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60. LOI is the percentage of oxygen needed in an atmosphere to support combustion. Since the Earth's atmosphere is only 21% oxygen, Astral CPVC will not burn unless a flame is constantly applied, and stops burning when the ignition source is removed.

Limiting Oxygen Index(LOI)

Oxygen contained in Earth's atmosphere - 21%




16 – 17







Astral CPVC has a significantly lower heat of combustion at 7,770 BTU/lb compared to Douglas fir at 9,040 BTU/lb and polypropylene at nearly 20,000 BTU/lb. Materials with a high heat of combustion perpetuate a combustible mixture which, when ignited, creates more heat and causes the burning process to become self-sustaining. Astral CPVC cannot be the ignition source of a fire or support combustion.

Are there any health risks using a Astral CPVC plumbing system?

No, Astral CPVC plumbing systems have been used for more than 40 years and have not posed any health risks. Astral CPVC plumbing systems exceed ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for water quality with no pH level restrictions as found in copper pipe. Astral CPVC plumbing systems meet all model code approvals, including the International Plumbing Code, International Residential Code, BOCA National Plumbing Code, Standard Plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, CABO-1 and 2-Family Dwelling Code and Canadian Plumbing Code.

What are the additional benefits for builders and plumbers?

The benefits of a Astral CPVC plumbing system versus copper plumbing systems are not just a matter of lower material costs. Astral CPVC plumbing systems are faster and easier to install for the experienced, professional plumber, reducing overall labor costs. Astral CPVC plumbing systems do not require torches or heavy equipment. A one-step joining system can provide curing in 10 minutes on standard size pipe for ease in pressure testing.

What are the additional benefits of a Astral CPVC plumbing system for homeowners?

The thermoplastic properties of a Astral CPVC system provides a system that is four times quieter than copper plumbing systems, reducing the sound of running water and the potential of the pounding noise of water hammer. In addition, unlike copper piping materials, the thermoplastic properties of a Astral CPVC plumbing systems provide insulation to reduce condensation and "sweaty pipes." The material keeps hot water hotter and cold water colder than copper. Less energy is lost through the wall of the pipe, saving homeowners money on heating and cooling.

Why would a plumber, builder or homeowner select a Astral CPVC plumbing system over a metal (copper or galvanized) system?

CPVC plumbing systems will not pit, scale or corrode in aggressive water and soil conditions, so water purity is maintained. In environments with aggressive water, pH levels of less than 6.5, copper plumbing is not certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water safety and may break down. Plus, copper cannot resist certain soil chemistries or compositions and will begin to degrade. In these conditions, copper pipes can develop pinholes and leaks in just a few years.

Do Astral CPVC plumbing systems meet plumbing codes?

CPVC plumbing systems meet all model code approvals, including BOCA National Plumbing Code, Standard Plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, CABO 1- and 2- Family Dwelling Code, Canadian Plumbing Code, International Plumbing Code and International Residential Code, as well as California Plumbing Code.

When was a CPVC plumbing system first used?

The first CPVC plumbing system was installed in 1959. Since its development, more than three billion feet of CPVC pipe has been installed in homes, condominiums, buildings, apartments and hotels, including 12 million homes.

What is Astral CPVC Pipe?

Noveon, Inc., the world leader in CPVC technology, invented CPVC more than 40 years ago. Astral CPVC is a patented rigid thermoplastic chlorinated polyvinyl compound used in the manufacturing of a plumbing system that won't pit, scale or corrode.

Why Astral Water tank?

Astral water tanks are manufactured using latest computerised techniques which ensures that tanks are having 'Premium finish' and produced to the uppermost standards. These tanks are having rib design for better strength. They are very durable, light-weight and easy to handle with stylish design. The tanks are provided with threaded lid and extra inner lid (which inhibit insects and algae formation even in case of coloured tank) Other important aspect of Astral tank is 'Uniform wall thickness distribution' which gives them longer service life and trouble free service to user for many years to come.

What is the range of Astral Water tank?

Astral water tanks are available in capacity of 200 liters to 10,000 liters with different models available with 2 /3 /4 layers and also available in different colors. The loft tanks are also available under brand name ‘Astral Sarita’ water tanks. Please contact us for your specific need of water tanks.

How is Astral Water tank superior to regular water tank?

Astral water tank is made of 100% virgin food grade material with anti -Viral Copper shield inner layer. This special formulation keeps water fresh, clean and helps to maintain the micro-nutrients. In this technology, the copper is blended with polymer so that it provides goodness of Copper to boost immunity of human body, protect from virus/bacteria and maintain pH.

Does Astral Water Storage Tank compliant to IS 10146 and IS 9845 for its safe use in contact with drinking water?

Yes, Astral water storage tank are tested for overall migration test in distilled water and results in food grade range, which complies to the standard for safe use of it when in contact with drinking water.

Does sunlight affect the tank use?

Over the time, exposure to sunlight causes the plastic to stiffen which makes it more prone to cracking. Our tanks are made up of PE with UV stabilized material. The UV stabilizers will reduce the harmful effects of UV light exposure and are intended to extend the life of a tank. Our tanks are tested for Accelerated Weathering exposure for long duration and shows promising results Hence our tanks are protected from sunlight and environment stress cracking.

Why Astral Water Tanks are multilayer and what is its significance?

Astral water tanks are available in 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers models, as per different requirement of the customer. For multilayer tanks each layer has its own significance. Like in our three-layer tank, each layer is incorporated for specific task - in which inner-most layer is anti-viral layer which eliminate microbes by 99.9%, middle-one black layer which act as protection layer against sun light and outer-most colored UV layer which impart the UV resistance with unique heat reflective technology as well as aesthetic look to the tanks.

Do Astral water tanks contain any BPAs?

Our tanks are made from Polyethylene (PE). Bisphenol A (BPA) is not used as a material in the manufacture of PE. BPA is basically used in Poly Carbonate and in epoxies. PE does not leach chemicals and has been used safely for direct food/water contact for many years.

Are Astral water tanks repairable by plastic welding?

Yes, PE tanks can be repaired through the welding by trained fabrication person. Please contact Astral customer care in case of such requirements.

Are Astral water tanks air vented? What is the significance of air vent? Do we need to provide air vent pipe?

All Astral water tanks are provided with threaded lid with in-built air vent. This air vent is very important to keep the water fresh and provide the oxygen to stored water. It also prevents water tank against deformation and buckling of water tank due to trapped air. However, we always recommend providing extra air vent pipe, with mosquito and insect proof cap in every installation of water tank.

What type of surface is required for placement of water tank?

When selecting the tank site, ensure that the site is levelled and proper drainage is provided for water runoff. The bottom of all tanks must be completely supported with base concrete or supported with pads as per bearing capacity of the water tank.

Does colour of a water tank have an impact on algae growth?

Black colour tanks are the most efficient in preventing light transmission and other colours are highly concentrate can also eliminate translucence which can control algae growth. Any amount of light energy will allow algae formation. However, due to multilayer tank configuration, algae growth can be eliminated.

What precautions do I need to take when shipping/ transporting tank?

PE is a very resilient material and damage is unlikely to occur if handled carefully during installation & transportation. However, extra care must be taken in extreme cold weather as the material of the water tanks become brittle.

Does Astral water storage tanks effective against covid-19?

Our Anti-viral water tanks are specially manufactured using patented anti-viral active copper technology. The test certificates indicate a reduction of 99.9% of bacteria, algae, fungus and viruses including SARS-COv-2 as per standard testing protocol mentioned in different international standards like ISO, ASTM or JIS by a NABL accredited laboratory. However, the testing is done on specific type of bacteria / virus and to the specific strain of such microbes. Due to continuous evolvement of such microbes Astral don’t claim that their water tanks can give protection or cure against any disease including Covid-19. However, this anti-viral shield is effective against many bacteria and virus and give protection against specific species. It is advisable to follow all precautions and guidelines specified by GOI for all kind of safety measures.

How long the effect of Anti-viral treatment remains?

Our Active copper technology is effective throughout the lifetime of the product as they are embedded in the surface matrix system. Unless and until surface is not chemically and/or physically damaged, the effects of product performance won’t be depleted.

Is the anti-viral treatment thermal stable? Is there any effect of weather conditions?

Yes, the anti-viral layer is thermostable. The active copper in inner layer is non-leachable and normal exposure to humidity, moisture or sunlight cannot affect its performance for anti-viral/anti-bacterial properties. However, any structural damage to the surface by chemical or physical treatment may affect the product properties.

Does Anti-viral copper shield cover anti algae and anti-fungal properties?

Yes, our anti-viral copper shield cover anti-algae and anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial properties. Normally in case of anti-microbial layers, they don’t protect against virus but Astral water tanks do have anti-viral properties.

Will I notice a difference in the taste of the drinking water?

Food Grade Material is used to manufacture the water tank, so there is no chance of migration of the foreign particles or tank material. Hence, the quality / property of stored water will remain as it is for long time.

How many years will tank my last?

Life expectancy of a tank depends upon multiple variables. Some of these variables include; the type of material stored in the tank, whether the tank is kept indoors or outdoors, whether the tank is stationary or being used in transportable applications, sunlight, temperature, rain, condensation, humidity, acid deposits, dirt and contaminants. All of these factors, have an effect on life of water tank.

Are your tank FDA compliance & are they suitable for water storage?

Our tanks are manufactured utilizing virgin Food Grade material. All the ingredients used are safe for water storage. White, Black, Blue, Green and Yellow color tanks are in comply with the current Indian and International Food Grade standards.

Dos and don’ts of usage of water tank
  • DO’s

    a. Check your tank for any kind of physical damage at the time of delivery. Inform your local Dealer / Distributor if any abnormal things/damage is observed. Mark remark in the delivery challan or LR copy if any damage observed.

    b. Install the tank on a plain, smooth, rigid and flat surface.

    c. Keep the lid closed all the time.

    d. Use proper roper or crane to lift the tank on terrace.

    e. Use Multi saw / Hole Saw cutter to make hole in the tank for connections.

    f. Use flexible hose in case the outlet connection size is 50mm (2”) or more.

    g. Use manifold / header for interconnection of the tanks. Use flexible hose in between for the connection of size 50mm (2”) or more.

    h. Maintain service temperature in between 1°C to 50°C

    i. Support all the connection to avoid torque on the area of fittings.

    j. Check the surface near Inlet / Outlet / Overflow connection to identify the stress mark if any. After Installation, the water shall be filled in tank step by step

           (i)   1/3 height
           (ii)   2/3 height and then
           (iii)   Full tank

    For early identification of leakage or deformation and to prevent accident /crack/ damage of the tank.

    k. Make only two outlet connections for use. Second outlet connection must be made at 90degree or 180 degree of the first outlet connection and below the top pocket.

    l. Empty the tank immediately in case of any leakage observed. Contact customer care of Astral immediately and arrange to arrest the leakage before using the tank again.

  • DON’Ts

    a. Do not through or drop down the tank from height for unloading.

    b. Do not roll the tank on rough or uneven surface.

    c. Do not install the tank in high temperature(>50°C), high Vibration or Chemically hazardous atmosphere.

    d. Do not install the tank on rough surface.

    e. Do not make more than one outlet hole from same place / adjoining to each other. Do not make direct connection to the pump. Due to vibration of the pump, possibility of crack or damage of the tank. Use Flexible hose in between.

    f. Do not use connections size bigger than recommended.

    g. Do not use chemicals to clean the water storage tank.

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