Tips To Maintain The Sewerage Drainage Pipes

Tips To Maintain The Sewerage Drainage Pipes

6th April 2021

Author - Astral Pipes

Many people have experienced the case of blockage in sewerage pipes and it can cause issues such as leaky faucet, a clogged toilet, broken pipe, or busted water heater. Below mentioned are some of the maintenance tips for sewer pipes and fittings you can adhere to-

Tip 1
Do not eliminate food down the kitchen drain lines whether or not you currently have problems. Most food waste is heavier than other waste normally intended for the sewerage pipes and does not flow out or through the line as easily and can easily gather in the line, blocking it. Throw off as much food waste as possible into a garbage container. The top foods that should be eliminated through the kitchen drain lines are-
         ●    Fibrous foods like potato peel
         ●    Eggshells       
         ●    Coffee grounds
         ●    Starchy foods

Tip 2
Small items such as dental floss, rubber bands, twist ties, hair, etc. should not be flushed down toilets to sewerage pipes. These non-flexible materials can get caught in the line and form a blockage. Items otherwise termed as flushable such as baby wipes, tampons, sanitary pads, diapers, extra-thick toilet paper, etc. are advised not to be flushed down the toilet as they can get tangled up in sewerage pipes and fittings.

Tip 3
Make it a habit to flush the plumbing system once a month. All you have to do is fill all the water holding devices such as the bathtub, sink and washing machine with cold water and then drain all at once. While at it, make sure to quickly flush all the toilets. it is a helpful, temporary solution and a no-cost practice.

Tip 4
Make sure to often check your water pressure to help regulate what comes out of showerheads and faucets. You can test your water pressure with a gauge to ensure that it is operating at secure levels. You can also add a pressure regulator to keep your water pressure at the preferred level.

Tip 5
A common cleaning solution a lot of people use to clean their drainage pipes is baking soda mixed with vinegar. The chemical reaction that is caused when these two are mixed is foamy and will bubble which helps scrape away grease that can be causing clogs. All you have to do is, pour a glass of hot boiling water down the drain, put baking soda mixed with water + vinegar in the drain. Once the chemical reaction takes place, wait for 10 minutes and pour a glass of hot boiling water again.

Tip 6
Frequently scrutinize the plumbing at your home for fragility, leaks, and cracks that can cause a problem.

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