Pros And Cons of Chem PRO Pipes And Fittings You Must Know

Pros And Cons of Chem PRO Pipes And Fittings You Must Know

20th April 2021

Author - Astral Pipes

Astral Chem PRO are proven CPVC industrial pipes meeting all challenging application requirements of the industrial piping system. It can be utilized up to 93°C temperature & pressure based on the pipe sizes. Astral Chem PRO CPVC industrial pipes are apt for many industrial requirements like metal treating pulp & paper, food & beverages, Industrial wastewater, chemical processing, etc.

Pros Of Chem PRO - CPVC Industrial Pipes

Resistant To High Temperature: These CPVC industrial pipes can be utilized up to a service temperature of 93ºC (200ºF) and up to 110ºC intermittently.
Easy Installation: These CPVC industrial pipes are light in weight with smooth, seamless interior walls. No special tools are required for cutting them, making their installation cost lower than conventional metal piping.

Chemical Resistance: These CPVC industrial pipes do not react with strong acids, alkalis, self solution, alcohols, etc. They are non-corrosive and impart no tasters or odors to materials carried in them. They do not act as a catalyst, thus eliminating all possibility of contamination, chemical process changes, and all dangers of clouding, slugging, or discoloration.
Resistant To External Corrosion: These pipes are completely protected from Industrial fumes, humidity, saltwater, weather conditions, regardless of the type of soil or moisture encountered. Scratches of abrasion do not provide a point which corrosive elements can attack.
Maintenance-Free: Once these CPVC industrial pipe fittings are properly selected, designed, and installed, it is virtually maintenance-free. They do not rust, scale, pit, corrode or promote build-up on the interior and can last up to many years.
Low Thermal Conductivity: With low thermal conductivity, fluids being piped maintain a more constant temperature. In most cases, pipe insulation is not required. However, it is advised to apply insulation to have more energy-saving & temperature loss.
Low Friction Loss: Due to the smooth inner surface of these CPVC industrial pipes it causes low friction and high flow rates. Also, since these pipes will not rust, pit, scale or corrode, the high flow rates will be maintained for the life of the piping system.

Cons Of Chem PRO - CPVC Industrial Pipes

Indoor Application Only: CPVC industrial pipes are sensitive to sunlight and can break down if exposed to an extended period of time.

Expensive Compared to PVC: When we compare it directly to PVC pipes and fittings, CPVC costs more.

Applications of Chem PRO - CPVC Industrial Pipes

Metal treating

Pulp and paper

Food and beverage industry

Industrial waste treatment

Chemical processing

Power sector

Sugar and shipping industries

Water treatment plants

Fertilizer and mining


Cement and steel industries


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