Low-Noise Industrial Plumbing Solutions With Silencio Pipe And Fittings

Low-Noise Industrial Plumbing Solutions With Silencio Pipe And Fittings

11th May 2021

Author - Astral Pipes

A core component of every new construction project is plumbing. An efficient plumbing system is crucial to maintain hygiene, ensure separation of clean and sewage water as well as allow for proper drainage.

However, another aspect of plumbing that is prioritised is sound insulation. Noisy plumbing can not only be disruptive for day-to-day activities but also indicate structural concerns in the system.

There are two main types of sounds in the drainage system- airborne sound and structure-borne sound. Airborne noise is caused by the water as it flows through the drainage pipe and indicates a thin, often low-quality pipe. On the other hand, structure-borne sound is caused due to the installation and fitting of the drainage system. This may be due to the vibration in the pipes or any other type of fittings.

Either of these sounds occurring regularly can be a matter of concern, promoting the need for a low-noise drainage system which is exactly what the Astral Silencio system delivers.

Astral Silencio

The Astral Silencio is an innovative system for sound insulated drainage pipes. Made by the best pipes in India, this complete low-noise drainage system provides superior mechanical and acoustic properties. The pipes make use of a three-layered construction made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene that minimises sound waves over the pipe wall.

The external layer is made of polypropylene which provides a tough protective shell that is sturdy and highly impact resistant. Next is the middle layer which is made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene providing the system high stability and excellent sound insulation properties. Finally, the internal layer is made of polypropylene that allows for good water flow for cold and hot water drainage.

Along with low noise, the Astral Silencio system is chemical-resistant, corrosion-free, and temperature resistant, making it a perfect fit for industrial use. Further, the socketed pipes are available in numerous sizes with a wide choice of fittings and accessories. The system is incredibly strong and highly impact-resistant while being lightweight, making installation and transport easier.

Unique characteristics of Astral Silencio

A common reason for plumbing noise is the lack of space for the pipe to expand or contract over time. This can also lead to damage to the pipes, requiring replacement and additional costs. The Astral Silencio comes with a push-fit socket fitted with a German Technology ring guaranteeing hydraulic tightness and free movement of the pipe.

The low-noise drainage system is further reinforced with external ribs placed on the outer side of the socket providing extra strength and an additional inner door cap to the threaded door cap to maintain good water flow without blockage.

Offering enormous benefits along with cutting-edge technology, the Astral Silencio works perfectly for several industrial drainage requirements. These include hospitals, hotels, office buildings, residential projects, educational institutes, and shopping malls, among others.

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