Key Features Of Agriculture Pipe And Fittings

Key Features Of Agriculture Pipe And Fittings

14th May 2021

Author - Astral Pipes

The Indian economy is predominantly rooted in agriculture which provides the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. This mandates the need for an efficient water supply system for irrigation, canaling, and other farming purposes.

A key component supporting agricultural growth is agriculture pipe fitting. These fixtures play a crucial role in aiding farmers transport water to their farms. Traditionally, these fittings were made from metal or low-grade plastic, each bringing with them a host of concerns.

These days, however, leading agricultural water pipe manufacturers have shifted to PVC agriculture pipe and fittings which allow for utmost efficiency at all times. As per a report by Ken Research, the PVC pipes and fittings market in India is expected to reach around INR 560 billion by FY 2026.

Important characteristics of agriculture pipe and fittings

There are several important features of PVC agriculture pipe fitting that have made them a popular choice. These are highlighted below:

1.Resilient: PVC pipes are highly resilient, making them the ideal choice for farming under all conditions. They are free from rust and corrosion concerns unlike metal pipes. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture and chemicals.

2.Light and easy to transport: A prominent reason why top agricultural water pipe manufacturers have shifted to PVC pipes is the ease of transport. PVC pipes are a fraction of the weight of metal pipes making them extremely cost-effective for transport. The use and installation of these pipes are also quicker saving precious time and effort.

3.Durable: PVC pipes are highly durable. Due to their resilient nature, they are unlikely to be damaged soon. This ensures long-term efficiency while also minimising maintenance and replacement costs.

4.Cost-effective: Agriculture is carried out at a large scale in India and contributed to almost 20% of the nation’s GDP in 2020-21. Along with efficiency, this also mandates the need for cost-effective solutions. These pipes incur low operational and installation costs making them an ideal solution.

5.Improved water flow: The thickness of pipes along with quality production allows for improved water flow. This ensures minimum wastage and maximum utilisation of precious resources.

6.Leak-proof: Another feature of leading agriculture PVC pipes and fittings is that they are leak-proof. These pipes are extremely strong with high impact strength, making them resistant to damages that can cause leaks and other problems in the system.

7.UV resistant: PVC agriculture pipes and fittings are UV resistant ensuring their ability to perform well even under the harshest of weather conditions.

Thus, for agriculture to be run well, it needs the right supply of fittings and pipes. Without the correct operational set-up, the entire system can face difficulties as well as huge expenses. In order to get the most out of your farming practices, be sure to purchase quality agriculture pipe fitting from reputed agricultural water pipe manufacturers.

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