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• Increased hydraulic capabilities. (C-Factor=150)

• No pre-cutting and expensive fabrication required.

• Easily repaired or modified on site.

• Can connect easily to other sprinkler piping systems.

• Resistant to rust, scale and foreign contaminant build up.


AVAILABLE SIZES: • SDR 13.5: ¾” (20 mm) to 3” (80 mm) IPS


Astral FIRE PRO pipes and fittings are designed specifically for fire sprinklers systems. They are made from a specialty thermoplastic known chemically as Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC).


 Astral FIRE PRO pipes and fittings provide unique advantages in sprinkler installations including superior hydraulics, ease of joining, increased hanger spacing compared to other thermoplastics and ease of assembly. They are also based on a technology with a continuous and proven service history of more than 40 years.


Approved for more applications than any other non-metallic system in the market, Astral FIRE PRO is the new industry standard in fire sprinkler systems.


Listings and approvals:

Astral FIRE PRO CPVC pipe and fittings are fully approved for use in all light and ordinary hazardous rooms or otherwise light hazardous applications as per NFPA 13, in both new and retrofit constructions:

 • Exposed system risers NFPA 13D, 13R

• Exposed basement NFPA 13D (solid wood joist)

• Permitted for use with return air plenums with no set-back at ceiling openings per NFPA 90A

• Underground water pressure services as per NFPA 24





As per SDR 13.5 at ASTM F 442 in. (mm)

Nominal Size

Outside Diameter

Wall Thickness

Water Pressure Rating at 150°F (65°C)






(Inch) (mm)

(Inch) (mm)

(Inch) (mm)

(Inch) (mm)

(Inch) (mm)

¾” (20)


±0.004 (0.10)


+0.020 (0.51)

175 PSI (1207 KPA or 12 bar)

1” (25)


±0.005 (0.13)


+0.020 (0.51)

1-¼” (32)


±0.005 (0.13)


+0.020 (0.51)

1-½” (40)


±0.006 (0.15)


+0.020 (0.51)

2” (50)


±0.006 (0.15)


+0.021 (0.53)

2-½” (65)


±0.007 (0.18)


+0.026 (0.66)

3” (80)


±0.008 (0.20)


+0.031 (0.79)








Note : SDR 13.5 (Standard Dimensional Ratio 13.5) means the ratio of outside diameter to wall thickness (ASTM F442)



Astral FIRE PRO pipe and fittings shall be used in sprinkler systems employing sprinkler heads rated 225 F (107 C) or lower, for pendent and horizontal sidewall heads. Quick-Response upright heads shall be rated of 155 F (68 C) or less.


 Pipe: Astral FIRE PRO CPVC Sprinkler pipe in SDR 13.5 conforms to the requirements of ASTM F442.


 Fittings: Astral FIRE PRO CPVC Sprinkler fittings conform to the requirement of ASTM F438 (Schedule 40) & ASTM F439 (Schedule 80). Female threaded adapters for sprinkler head connections will contain brass inserts or other suitable metallic inserts.


Solvent Cement:

Astral FIRE PRO CPVC socket connections should be joined with IPS weld on solvent cement which meets ASTM F493. No other cements are recommended for use with Astral FIRE PRO products and use of such non-proved welding agents will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

LOWER INSTALLATION COST: Astral FIRE PRO™ offers lower installation costs than metal systems. No special rigging or heavy equipment is required. Rigid and inherently strong, Astral FIRE PRO uses standard metal pipe hangers and requires fewer hangers and supports than other thermoplastic pipes, further reducing material and labor costs.


TEMPERATURE / PRESSURE RATING: Astral FIRE PRO pipe and fittings are rated for continuous service of 175 psi (1207 KPa) at 150°F (65°C). Astral FIRE PRO pipe and fittings are suitable for use in areas where ambient temperatures are up to 150°F (65°C).


LOW FRICTION LOSS : With a Hazen-Williams friction coefficient of C=150, Astral FIRE PRO’s smooth interior surface offers lower friction loss than metal systems, enables to use smaller pipe diameters and save on material costs.


HEAT OF COMBUSTION : Astral FIRE PRO CPVC has a significantly lower heat of combustion at 7,700 BTU’s/lb, compared to Douglas fir at 9,040 BTU’s/lb, and polypropylene at nearly 20,000 BTU’s/lb. Materials with a high heat of combustion perpetuate a combustible mixture which ignites creating more heat and the burning process becomes self-sustaining.



IGNITION RESISTANCE: CPVC has a flash ignition temperature of 900°F which is the lowest temperature at which sufficient combustible gas is evolved that can be ignited by a small external flame. Many other ordinary combustibles, such as wood, ignite at 500°F or less. Accordingly, systems cannot be the ignition source of a fire.


BURNING RESISTANCE: CPVC will not sustain burning. It must be forced to burn due to its very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60. LOI is the percentage of oxygen needed in an atmosphere to support combustion. Since earth’s atmosphere is only 21% oxygen, CPVC will not burn unless a flame is constantly applied and stops burning when the ignition source is removed.