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Pre-StiRex Corrugated Sheathing ducts, Plus + StiRex ducts and flat ducts, manufactured from HDPE, have a unique application in the field of internal bonded post tensioning of tendons in pre-stressed concrete viz. projects such as flyovers and bridges, nuclear containments, offshore platforms, via ducts, underpasses, tunnels etc. Flat ducts are especially popular in the construction sectors where use of round section ducts in post tensioned slabs is not possible due to the slab thickness constraints.

Features & Benefits

  • Corrosion protection
  • Helps electrical monitaring of tendons
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Good impact and compression strength
  • Good bond with concrete
  • Speedy installation due to fewer joints
  • Chemically inert
  • Environment friendly
  • High stiffness and flexibility
  • Even when bent, cross section of the duct retains its circularity
  • Wobble co-efficient observed k = 0.00116/M
  • Friction co-efficient observed u = 0.068

Additional Details


Easy jointing & Speedy Installations:

HDPE sheathing in coils requires fewer joints than conventional sheathing. Its light weight reduces the need for manpower and heavy equipment handling. Total installation time can be reduced considerably.

Methods for jointing:

  • Jointing with buttwelding
  • Snapfit couplers
  • Heat shrink sleeves
  • Split couplers

Jointing with Buttwelding:

Snapfit Couplers:

Heat Shrink Sleeves:

Split Couplers:

Other Accessories 

  • GroutVent
  • EndPiugs

Quality Assurance :

Quality Control :
The "Pre-StiRex" ducts are subjected to stringent testing for a wide range of field parameters.Compliance of various standards and regulations such as Fib, IRC, NPCIL etc. is always observed.

 Vital Testing Parameters : 

  • Raw Material tests
  • Dimensions
  • Flexural behavior
  • Flexibility
  • Lateral load resistance
  • Leak tightness
  • Longitudinal load resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Bond behavior
  • Friction parameters

Raw Material testing

Flexibility Test Measuring Device

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