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AquaRex Drain belt is a newly introduced product by Rex Polyextrusion Pvt. Ltd., and which will pave a new path in the sub-surface and foundation drainage projects. AquaRex is a unique belt type product which, due to its "Omega" shaped profile, makes use of two basic fundamental principles of 'capillarity' and 'siphonage' to achieve efficient and effective draining of excessive soil water. The product is especially useful in foundation drainage, where, the percolation of underground water can cause severe damage to civil constructions. Due to its wide applicability combined with its advantages, AquaRex has given a new edge to sub-surface drainage.

 AquaRex - Omega Shape:

Features & Benefits

Salient Features
  • Designed so that it does not clog
  • Has a unique OMEGA shaped groove design
  • The belt can withstand high compressive loads
  • Capillary and Siphoning Action results in more efficient flow
  • Lower handling and laying costs
  • Can be used in the toughest soil and water conditions
Mechanism of Operation

  • Capillary Action - Absorbing the water upward into capillary passages
  • Surface tension - Sealing the water inside passages from back flow
  • Gravity Action - Pulling particulates down opposite to the direction of upward water flow
  • Siphon Action - The slop gradient of water flow create suction force

Additional Details


  • Agricultural : Soil reclaimation by using AquaRex may yield much more better results than the conventional methods of perforated plain PVC pipes or French drains.
  • Foundation Drainage : AquaRex, due to its unique dimensions is an extremely useful product for foundation drains, where “uplift pressure” due to the higher water tables can cause severe damage to structures. AquaRex requires very less space in terms of depth and can handle high loads. These features add up to a formidable product in the foundation drainage practices.
  • Landscaping : Due to its unique design, AquaRex requires lesser slope requirements, due to which, it can be easiliy accommodated in the changing landscapes encountered in landscaping design without hampering the overall expected efficiency of drainage.
  • Tunnel Drainage : Drainage of excess water is especially critical in the tunnel sections of roads. The overhead terrain load combined with the percolating water can cause severe stress on the tunnel walls, which can be relieved only be draining out this excess water. AquaRex Drain tubes can provide a suitable solution wherein, by insertion directly in the tunnel walls, an outlet route can be given to the excess water for draining out.

AquaRex Belt Assembly :

AquaRex – Pipe - Coupler :

AquaRex – Pipes - Functioning :

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