Astral Poly Technik Limited

Astral Poly Technik Limited was established in 1996 with the aim to manufacture pro-India plumbing and drainage systems in the country. While serving the plumbing needs of millions of houses, the company adds extra mileage to India’s developing real estate fraternity. Our contribution to the plumbing industry in the form of being pro-innovative bears the hallmark of unbeaten quality. Astral Poly Technik is equipped with production facilities at Santej & Dholka (Gujarat), and Hosur (Tamil Nadu) to manufacture Plumbing systems, Drainage systems, Agriculture, Industrial and Electrical Conduit Pipes with all kinds of necessary fittings.

We are also known as pro- customers’ company as we serve with an intention of taking excellence to new heights. Through our quality products and services we have also achieved the benchmark of being Pro-India Company in numerous ways.



We are the pioneers of CPVC pipes in India. With over 17 years of expertise in this area, we have motivated the category to achieve global benchmarks.


ASTRAL Research and Development

We are one of the leading company in the plumbing industry with a turnover close to Rs. 1800 crores; with a network spanning 750 distributors and 22,000 dealers across India.

Salman Khan

Our vision of achieving consumer delight is to achieve consumer trust.

Salman Khan

Beyond manufacturing, we have invested in the category by training more than 70,000 per year plumbers in India. We believe this training equips them in making their future sustainable.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

ASTRAL has a full-fledged, research and development division to constantly improve, innovate and to engineer new developments. This division has a fully integrated product development environment that encompasses the development process all the way from conceptual design of products to manufacturing.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

ASTRAL constantly strives to upgrade processes and materials and to incorporate international developments in the plumbing industry to benefit their customers. We test our products beyond the requirements for IS and ASTM Standards.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

Initiating the process of compounding of raw material in India is our contribution towards the Make in India initiative.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

The best quality piping materials may cause problems if the installations are not carried out correctly. Therefore, we empower our users with updated product catalogues, technical manuals, installation literatures, audio- visual presentations and plumbing guides.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

We always think of our customer when working on innovative products and we make conscious effort to supply them with the best. Astral seeks to deliver innovative product designs and improvements, new technologies, and a fully integrated manufacturing system that assure quality.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

With Salman Khan as the voice of our products we hope to expand the already flourishing company that has more than 750 distributors and thousands of dealers in India penetrating the plumbing market form metro cities to smaller towns. ASTRAL products are now also available in more than 22 countries.

ASTRAL Piping Specialists

We have acquired UK based Bond IT and India based ResinovaChemie Ltd in efforts to expand our business visions into other categories. With a plan to establish a strong presence in this category, we have deployed cutting edge technology and a talented work force.

Therefore, at Astral we are proud to support the pro-India spirit. So, be a part of this initiative by putting your trust in us.